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LicenseSweet Home 3D License

The GNU General Public License allows you also to freely redistribute under the same license the free version of Sweet Home 3D application, the Furniture Library Editor and Textures Library Editor applications, as well as Sweet Home 3D JS, if you provide the terms of the GNU General Public License with them and add the following copyright.

LicenseSweet Home 3D License
Sweet Home3D-6.2-macosx-10.6is a disk image which contains Sweet Home 3D application based on Apple Java 6 able to run on Intel Mac OS X 10.6.8 to 10.14.Sweet Home3D-6.2-linux-x86is an archive bundled with a Java Runtime Environment which.Jul 10, 2019 Download Sweet Home 3D - Use Sweet Home 3D Online Sweet Home 3D is available in English, French and 25 other languages.It may run under Windows, Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.15, Linux and Solaris.Jul 10, 2019 Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design application. Sweet Home 3D is available in English, French and 25 other languages.[ Copyleft Attitude ] Free Art License 1.3 (FAL 1.3) Preamble The Free Art License grants the right to freely copy, distribute, and transform creative works without infringing the author’s rights.The Free Art License recognizes and protects these rights.Their implementation has been reformulated in order to allow everyone to use creations of the human mind in a creative manner, regardless of their types and ways of expression.While the public’s access to creations of the human mind usually is restricted by the implementation of copyright law, it is favoured by the Free Art License.

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