Davinci resolve Archives

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Davinci resolve Archives

With an archive, Resolve will automatically relink to your media files because it knows the direct path to them. It's part of the archive structure. When we import DaVinci Resolve Projects, no.

Learning › learning-davinciRestoring the DaVinci Resolve archives - DaVinci Resolve.
I am a very very very new user, a still photographer diving headfirst into video.I have created my first video for my company and now I want to archive it and move it to a server, however my workflow is a work in progress.I have all the media scattered in different folders, which wasn't a problem editing and delivering the finished work but now that I want to archive the project I consistently get error messages that Resolve can't find the media.I'm confused by that because the media is in my bins and timelines in the project.Can anyone give me any advice about how to fix this problem? I would like to save my media files to the ssd, edit the project, and one project is finished, move the whole folder to the hdd.I have read how Davinci stores the project in a DB, which makes it more difficult to move a project. Option 1 is probably better if you plan on re-using any material, but it is two steps - Media Management and exporting the project.It'll keep your Windows/mac OS/Linux folder structure though.Option 2 is probably better if you're planning on sharing the project with someone else or going to long-term storage like Amazon Glacier.All the files just get thrown loosely into the DRA it generates.

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